Video ∗ Directed by Todd Cobery Cinematography by Bo Hakala Edited by JoLynn Garnes Lyrics by Dessa for Lorem Ipsum (ASCAP) Music by MK Larada for Noisebank (ASCAP) 2010 Doomtree Records, LLC
Video ∗ Official music video for Lookbook’s song “Over and Over” Directed by Bo Hakala Art Director and Special Effects Technician -Sarah Jean Kruchowski Additional help from Ben Krueger and Mike Gunnerson. Special Thanks to Aaron Landry, Todd Cobery, Andy Awes and Tasty Lighting.  Lookbook is Grant Cutler and Maggie Morrison Their new album Wild At Heart comes out Saturday October 3rd 2009
Video ∗ Atmosphere - Guarantees
Video ∗ Brother Ali - Uncle Sam Goddamn